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Liz on Ulysses

Before the date, exactly what had been you longing for?

Great food and good discussion.

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Very first thoughts?

Quirky – he had painted each nail a separate colour and then he had a person case. Plus he had an extremely cool accent.

Just what do you speak about?

What people’s names indicate, his dislike of puppies, household, vocal on stage.

Any embarrassing moments?

At the start, should we shake-hands, hug regarding the cheek, should I stand from my seat to welcome him? Changed into a weird fumble of most three.

Great dining table manners?

Yes. The guy offered myself some tasters.

Ideal thing about him?

Really interesting, wacky, open-minded together with lots to generally share.

Might you introduce him your pals?


Could the guy meet the parents?

Ummm, not likely. I do not imagine they might see the guy case and nail varnish.

Do you carry on someplace?

For 1 quick beverage, as we had work early.

And… do you hug?

Believe there clearly was a quick peck throughout the cheek.

Any time you could alter the one thing regarding the evening, what would it is?

That we was fashionably later part of the, maybe not early.

Marks out of 10?


Is it possible you satisfy again?

I mentioned I’d go to see his group using my pal.

Ulysses on Liz

Ahead of the big date, just what were you hoping for?

I became ready for such a thing, from discovering a justification to go away early to spending the remainder of my entire life together.

Initial thoughts?

Big, breathtaking sight, great yellow bun and a good vocals.

What do you discuss?

Our families, guides, travelling, matchmaking, urban compared to outlying lifestyles.

Any shameful times?

Really, it was a blind day, so that the entire thing is just one big, but extremely agreeably funny, awkward minute.

Good dining table ways?

Fantastically exceptional.

Most sensible thing about this lady?

Stunning and relaxed.

Do you really present her towards buddies?

Sure would.

Could she meet the moms and dads?

Sure could.

Did you carry on someplace?

For 1 cup of drink.

And… did you hug?


Should you could alter a factor concerning night, what might it is?

I discovered that basic dates should, by meaning, be on weekdays. In my opinion that is waste.

Marks regarding 10?

Figures? Actually? All right… 9.

Do you satisfy once again?

Yes. She said she’d come to my subsequent gig.

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